Looking for CE courses for nursing educators?

As a nursing faculty member, you empower students to progress from nursing school, to passing the NCLEX, to long-term professional success. These three nursing faculty courses will help you align your classroom with the practice environment.

Continuing Education Course Highlights

Assessment of Critical Thinking

How do I get my nursing students to think critically?
Learn to design course plans and formulate test questions that evaluate higher level thinking.
US$90 | 17.5 Contact Hours| 6-week Subscription

Test Development & Item Writing

How do the NCLEX developers write items?
Add a new skill set for equipping students now, or to become a NCLEX item writer in the future.
US$90 | 15.6 Contact Hours| 6-week Subscription

Understanding the NCLEX—A Guide for Nursing Educators

How can I help my students to pass the NCLEX?
Engage the history, format, testing method and process of the NCLEX examination in order to empower students for this pinnacle event.
US$30 | 3.0 Contact Hours | 6-week Subscription View the Catalog for additional details about each course.

View the Catalog for additional details about each course.

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