Looking for an NCLEX prep course?

Look no further. NCSBN's Reviews for the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN brings you content that simulates the real test – all through online and mobile-friendly NCLEX preparation courses.

Retain the Essentials

Reinforce and retain what you learned in nursing school. Imagine your nursing literacy soaring as you:

  • Check your knowledge through approximately 1,500 NCLEX-style questions, including NCLEX test formats like matching, audio questions, ordered response and drag-and-drop.
  • Boost memory with Be Prepared (NCLEX tips), Remember It! (mnemonics and more), Study Smart, and Links to Knowledge.
  • Look up difficult concepts in Epocrates® Rx online, A.D.A.M.® SmartEngage Medical Encyclopedia and Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary (complimentary during your subscription).
  • Strengthen your critical thinking skills with interactive video/audio case studies.

View the Catalog for additional details about each course.

NCLEX Review Course Highlights

Match your Deadline and Budget

Choose to give yourself 3, 5, 8 or 15 weeks of access to the course, depending on your individual schedule and budget. Students spend an average of 85 hours completing the entire review. Figure out how many hours a week you want to devote to the course and then use this chart to choose your subscription:

Subscription Cost Average time per week RN Suggested Study Plan PN Suggested Study Plan
3 weeks $50 27 hours 3-week RN 3-week PN
5 weeks $70 16 hours 5-week RN 5-week PN
8 weeks $100 10 hours 8-week RN 8-week PN
15 weeks $160 5 hours 15-week RN 15-week PN



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